our approach

An intelligent approach to methods and sustainability: Our experience has taught us that a reputable building company needs to have a hands-on approach to be successful. The directors are intimately involved with every stage of the procedure.

We ensure that our experienced team works closely with top local architects, planning consultants and master craftsmen builders in order to maintain continuity. We will regularly liaise with you as the client to create open communication channels, keeping you fully informed of progress every step of the way. We are fully aware of the impact that our construction activities can have on the fragile nature of the environment, so we observe the latest regulations regarding social responsibility. We exercise the most exacting standards in everything we do, to prevent undue disruption to our, and your, surroundings. We use energy saving construction techniques and we work to minimise carbon footprints whenever possible. But we also recognise that you are looking forward to a comfortable lifestyle in your new-look home, so we recommend energy-saving solutions within the home, without compromising on your ultimate comfort.

With Blue Eyed P Designs, you’ll have a building solution that you’re proud to call home. Contact us now and we’ll do our utmost to give you the opportunity of adding life enhancing solutions to your domestic environment. We’ll work with you to design and build the home you’ll love for years to come.